Racetrack round raises spirit

May 1, 2013


Racing down the back straight of Hampton Downs at an adrenaline pumping 250kmh would be a nerve-racking experience for anyone. But in Greg Murphy’s hands, Shaun Vincent felt pretty safe. ‘‘It’s awesome, you certainly know you’re alive when you’re going that fast. It takes you into another level of sensories – it’s surreal,’’ Mr Vincent says.


He was provided the hot lap by the Franklin Silver Lining Trust on Tuesday after he and his family have faced a challenging time. His daughter Nikita was readmitted to hospital with brain cancer in 2009, after two years’ remission and around the same time Mr Vincent was diagnosed with having a mildly aggressive prostate tumour.


Now recovered, he returned to work with the New Zealand Fire Service last month. Ambassador of the Franklin Silver Lining Trust, Greg Murphy, believes it is important to help

those who have had a rough time. ‘‘Not everyone is as fortunate as you. People go through tragic things and to be able to give something back is an amazing feeling. ‘‘Giving someone a ride in a race car and allowing them to feel different for a day is really special. ‘‘Little stuff makes a huge difference in people’s lives.’’


Trustee of the organization Richard Graham agreed. ‘‘It lets them know there’s other people thinking about them. ‘‘Things that might only seem small to us can make a huge difference

to a family that’s going through a tough patch.’’


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